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BTM has been manufacturing metal cutting bandsaws since the early 1980's and they have been imported to North America since 2004.

Since the saw installations, we can cut panels more quickly, thus reducing the time needed to load cutting tables and [requiring fewer] man hours per job. Tom Hoover, Direct Metals
BTM embraces high-tech applications to make significant improvements to band saw technology. Ian Tatham, BTM Saws NA
This new double shuttle saw will minimize the amount of scrap we generate on the last cut of each bundle of tubing. Lindsay Fleming, JMC Group
BTM’s automatic band saw delivers clean, fast results on both sides of the border. Nick Wright

At BTM, we are very attentive to our customers needs. We install and train your operators until they are completely comfortable with our equipment. BTM machines are designed to be very rugged and easy to work with. This allows the machine to provide years of high performance with trouble free service.

When there are less workers and a more automatic system, there is less lost time due to injury. Dennis Walters, Icon Shelter Systems Inc.
We’ve had fewer maintenance concerns, and BTM’s customer service has been very good. Steve Thomas, Nucor Building Systems
BTM Saws looks to change band sawing mind-sets with its double-miter technology. John Loos