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Custom made

We are dedicated to providing solutions for the specific needs of each customer and their unique operation.

Our technical department collaborates directly with our valued customers to design personalized machinery that maximizes productivity. Challenges are welcome, contact the BTM team today.

AP 7.6 SA F10° Tilted Bow

Semiautomatic bandsaw, 90° fix cut.

Special 10° tilted bow.

AT 440 TC Loading-Unloading

AT 440 TC with loading unit and special magnetic unloading unit

AT 460 TC Aluminum Cutting

Automatic band saw with head and tail technology (no scrap length).

Loading unit, specifically built for aluminum cut.

Grating Cutting System

Semiautomatic band saw with in-feed and out-feed roller track for grating cut.

1000×800 SA F

Semiautomatic 90° fix cutting band saw built on special request by the costumer. 1000x800mm cutting capacities.

AT 10.6 SA DS aluminium cutting

Semiautomatic band saw on twin column for special aluminium cutting.

AT 740 TC with loading-unloading system

Fully automatic band saw with head&tail technology for no scrap length.
Special loading and unloading system

3 Heads Cutting and Drilling System

Automatic system for cutting and drilling at 3 heads.


730X640 SA F

Semiautomatic band saw with 12 mt long in-feed and out-feed roller track. Length stop and 2 stations unloading unit.


AT 6.4 A DS 3

Automatic band saw machine with 60° L-R cutting angle.

14 mt long loading unit with in-feed roller track and 10 mt long unloading unit equipped with lifting.

Powered unloading table with hydraulic pusher suitable for short pieces unloading (100-1500 mm).

2 heads cutting system with turning table

Specifically designed for workshops with reduced space availability but requiring very high cutting performances.

Suitable and performing on every kind of material, including high resistance metals.

11 Heads

11 automatic heads for tensioner cutting, Ø 10-120 mm, lengths from 1 to 12 m.